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Our 4 tips to better enhance your bag

You loved your luxury bags and it's not always an easy decision to part with them. You still want to replace them with new models or free up space in your dressing room. We are at your disposal to give your items a second life that meets your expectations. For this, we have established 4 tips and tricks to ensure a quick and effective sale of your items.

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1. Take quality photos

Avoid blurry or too dark photos and take them, if possible, on a plain background. We recommend that you clean your bags beforehand. Take pictures of your items from different angles (inside, outside, corners, etc.) and don't forget to take pictures of the associated accessories (padlock, key, etc.).

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2. Be honest in the description

We know your items aren't always brand new. When describing your bag, you might be tempted to omit small imperfections in an effort to receive a higher purchase offer. Do not fall into this trap, which may cause delays in the sales process.

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3. Take care of your packaging

Use boxes suitable for the size of your item and protect your bag with air cushions or tissue or Kraft paper to prevent it from being damaged during transport. For all your shipments, choose recycled cardboard.

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4. Follow your sale in your Vintega account

You will be kept informed throughout the process by email and in your Vintega account. We may need additional information to make you an offer. The faster you respond, the faster the process will move forward!

(Re)think with us the luxury of tomorrow by giving your bag a second life!