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Essential bag for anyone in a hurry, find the backpack that will set the tone for your adventures, in town and on your travels. Style in all circumstances, challenge accepted.
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The vintage backpack : fashion for adventurous women!

What does our personality revealer say about your second hand backpack ? What an adventurer you are! Carrying a backpack means releasing around you an aura of independence, a freshness of life.

But be careful, we're not talking about a hiking backpack from a sports store, but luxury leather goods! A vintage travel backpack can be very trendy when it comes from a big House. Let's dwell on the fashion trend of the backpack and talk a little about lifestyle.

How to wear vintage backpack for women in style?

A backpack inspires youth and dynamism

It's obvious, since the first backpack we all carry is to go to school. So inevitably your vintage canvas backpack rejuvenates you. Have you been looking for the fountain of youth for a long time? You found it! Wear a vintage black women's backpack or colored brings ardor to your style. By choosing a great House, you eliminate the risk of fashion faux pas! With a vintage leather backpack for women, you will sweat lightness and dynamism. The suspenders evoke a desire to crunch life to the fullest! It is the bag for young women in all their splendor, the choice of active and sparkling women who like the unexpected.

Modern women need no less than two straps

The backpack has come back into fashion in recent years. A leather backpack will give a chic look to your outfit and will break the childish side. Choose black or camel to stay classic or even very colorful for a more modern look. Opt for a vintage backpack in denim, canvas or cotton for a more casual chic style. You can sport your beautiful vintage black leather backpack by carrying it on one shoulder: nothing better for a casual and casual style. In terms of style, a backpack goes with any outfit (or almost!). It can be nicely matched with a waist or trouser belt. The effect is always very successful. For a small backpack, prefer clothes that are fitted and close to the body. With a light and fluid dress, a more classic vintage leather backpack will give your outfit a working girl look. With a more classic outfit such as a t-shirt and jeans, you can afford a more colorful model for a little touch of originality. On the other hand, keep your oversized jackets for your shoulder bag and your round collars for! On Vintega, you will find vintage backpack for all tastes and all budgets. Do not hesitate to take a look at our online store to discover our selection of backpack

Opt for a small vintage backpack of creators!

Better above all… a used backpack de luxe

We have already mentioned the importance of choosing a designer backpack so as not to look too youthful. Now let's talk about the serious stuff: your shopping budget. Thanks to second-hand luxury leather goods, the greatest designers are within your reach. Would you like to carry a Gucci on your back, a Chanel, a Dior or a Prada? Tell yourself that it’s possible. We also have a whole category reserved for luxury bags under 1000€. Let’s be clear: the second hand is not second choice. This is luxury accessible to all. For a few hundred euros, you can buy an iconic bag that was worn a few years ago by models at Fashion Week. Vintage is the sublime touch, especially when it comes to leather goods. Your vintage canvas and leather backpack will be the envy for sure! Designers are at the origin of the most beautiful bags in the world. So settle for the best!

Your addiction to vintage backpacks is good for the planet!

And vintage leather backpack, it is proof against everything. You can take it around the world and travel thousands of kilometres… Their design is ultra-chic, but above all ultra-resistant. Favoring luxury accessories means buying handbags that are far from disposable. They are solid and above all, they repair themselves! With second-hand purchases, the carbon footprint of your wardrobe is minimized. Be a modern and green woman! Quickly discover our selection of vintage leather backpacks and designer canvas. Each bag is presented to you as it is in complete transparency. Do not hesitate to contact our luxury leather goods specialists if you have any questions.