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Pourquoi les sacs de luxe de seconde main sont-ils à la mode vintega seconde main

Trend analysis: Why are second-hand luxury bags fashionable?

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In a way, we can say that the world of luxury was one of the precursors of the very current concept of sustainability. By definition, the luxury bags are indeed accessories designed using ancient techniques, which guarantee their solidity: in short, you know when you buy a sac Chanel or Hermes that it will accompany us for a long time without changing one iota.

In recent years, this aspect has been further reinforced by the boom in luxury second hand, which offers a second life to hand bags having already experienced a first life in the spotlight. So why such excitement? What makes us love them so much? second hand luxury items ? We decipher this trend for you!


Because we want to enjoy while paying attention to our ecological impact

It's a fact, the fashion world has changed: it was a necessity. We all now have in mind the notion of time, of duration associated with a part – its manufacturing time, its lifespan, its processing time when no one wants it anymore… Buying a sweater or a handbag in 2022 is no longer such an innocuous act as it was in 1972, and this also applies to luxury.  And yet, one thing hasn't changed: our infatuation with pretty pieces, our delight inbuying a luxury bag that we already saw complementing all our outfits to perfection. THE second hand luxury came to make the connection between these two little voices in our head, the one that tells us to do our best to protect the environment, and the one that tells us to give ourselves a few little pleasures to take care of ourselves. Before being a fashion, second-hand luxury bags are first common ground!


Because second-hand luxury is accessible to everyone

Thanks to buying and selling second hand, it is possible to have parts in your hands that you could not buy new, because they were too expensive. And this is all the more true for luxury! The evolution of handbag value and the fluctuation of supply and demand mean that we can now have access to a second hand Louis Vuitton bag at a much lower price than its new price.  There sale of second-hand luxury bags has therefore made it possible to democratize this universe formerly reserved for an elite. And expanding the audience also means rapid spread of a trend.

Beautiful things have always been in fashion. Beautiful things accessible to all are even more so!  With a rifle is the perfect example of this access that has become universal: on our online store, we offer second hand luxury brand bags at prices to suit all budgets. In our selection of bags under 1000 euros, you will find models as iconic as the Marmont by Gucci where the Louis Vuitton Speedy !

Because vintage is more fashionable than ever

Have we ever loved the vintage more than now? We don't think! Realizing how harmful fast fashion was, we also discovered that we had nuggets in our closets: denim pouches eccentrics of the early 2000s and chain bags with retro charm loaned by grandma who have that little je ne sais quoi that we adore.

Far from displeasing, the idea of ​​promoting pretty things with a story has transformed into a trend anchored in our daily lives! Making something new out of something old is nothing new. What is important is to place these vintage pieces at the heart of the creative process. 

Their history, their aged appearance, the little secrets they hold: we welcomed with open arms all that these second hand bags. They make the link between two generations, in society as in fashion. The hottest stars have jumped on the bandwagon second hand luxury. It is not uncommon to see Rihanna or Chiara Ferragni sporting a sac vintage to perfect their always very stylish looks. The latter has also unearthed two favorite bags on the online store of With a rifle. En bref : Vintage is the new black !


Because the unique side of the pieces allows you to assert your style

There rarity and exception are an integral part of luxury. Manufactured in small quantities and "replaced" with new models with each collection, the luxury handbags have this unique side that only accentuates their appeal. In the field of luxury second hand this effect is multiplied by 3!

Rarer, more unique and therefore more exceptional: the sacs vintage are all the more so since most of the models are no longer produced by the House that marketed them. Some luxury bags only a few copies exist on the market. It is this singularity that makes buying a second hand bag is often a favorite purchase. We find out about its background or its year of release because we know that we are going to hold a real little treasure and that only a lucky few will know the joy of owning this particular bag. 

Fall for one second hand handbag, it's falling for a story, a well-established character that will allow us to stand out and affirm our style. Sac Timeless rose pastel for an outfit full of softness or Sunset leather bag gold for a more rock'n'roll personality: sacs vintage are a new form of expression!

You too, let them second hand bags speak for you: find the model that will show you your true colors among the hundreds of second hand bags offered for sale by With a rifle!