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sac de luxe de seconde main vintage

Luxury bags in all their forms!

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Want something new in your wardrobe? And if you opt for a luxury bag with atypical shape ? We put aside our scrunchie bags squares and rectangles for the duration of an article to present to you the most amazing pieces in the world of leather goods. Simply buy or admire!
The great classics... not so classic!
In the family of legend bags, there is no shortage of rectangular clutches and sober shopping bags, to the delight of lovers of luxury leather goods. These great classics nevertheless rub shoulders with other iconic bags with a less conventional shape, but which are as successful as the Timeless by Chanel and others Neverfull de Louis Vuitton. Among them, we can cite the very famous sac Saddle de Dior, whose shape inspired by a horse saddle has never ceased to fascinate since its launch in the late 90s. Today, its surprising format is hardly noticeable as it has become a must-have on the catwalks as well as in the streets of Paris!  The same goes for the half moon bags, which are now fully integrated into the collections of major designers. Classic bag Half-Moon by Chanel to the Jodie messenger bag by Bottega Veneta in woven Intrecciato leather, they bring roundness and softness to trendy outfits.  Simple details sometimes give a twist to the shape of the bags, such as the raised edges of the Chanel Gabrielle bag or the unstructured angles of the Puzzle de Loewe. Aspects certainly discreet, but which testify to the exceptional know-how of the Haute Couture Houses, these accessories sometimes requiring hundreds of cuts and precise gestures to be made. Speaking of exceptional craftsmanship : do you know the Louis Vuitton Hat Box Bag ? Inspired by the famous trunks of the Parisian House, it was designed from the hatboxes of the early 20It is century. Launched in 2019, it has since enjoyed great popularity. You can find it in the selection of second hand Louis Vuitton bags brought to you by Vintega!

sac de luxe de seconde main vintage

In the permanent collections
Evidence of the success of bags with original shapes, these are increasingly represented in the permanent collections of luxury leather goods houses, alongside the great classics.  This is particularly true at Prada, which likes to play with the codes and traditional lines of hand bags. Among the brand's favorite pieces, the so-called "hobo" bags - that is to say in the shape of a crescent - are available each year in many colors and materials, including the famous nylon typical of Prada. Equally typical, the logo of the Italian House is regularly used to give shape to triangular bags : very popular, these accessories are also recognizable among a thousand! On the side of home Gucci, the ideas fuse just as much. Accessories resuming the silhouette of a strawberry with round backpacks like the Ophidia, creativity is always at the rendezvous. Launched in 2022, Gucci's Attache bag offers two different styles: from a crescent, it transforms into a half-moon thanks to a G-shaped hook. The sac Bracelet de Loewe uses the same system of hooks. Both ends of this cylindrical pouch can indeed be connected to form a bracelet bag to wear around the wrist – originality in originality. Half-moon, triangle, cylinder: if these shapes are easily identifiable, will you be able to find a qualifier for the Fendi bag First? At first glance, it could pass for a small classic shopping bag. But his F-shaped clasp gives it a surprising and ultra modern asymmetrical look that deserved to be mentioned in this article!

sacs de seconde main de luxe vintage

Limited editions and rare pieces
The models mentioned above are certainly original, but they could almost pass for common in comparison with the bags imagined by certain creators! Of the limited edition pieces to the models declined only for the parades, the Haute Couture Houses have created accessories that remain in the memory, in particular in that of collectors. To start with Hermès et son Kelly Doll, the rarity of which contributed to the success. As its name suggests, the famous sac Kelly is here revisited to look like a doll, and therefore equipped with arms, feet, eyes and a mouth. It has a childish look that is unusual in the world of leather goods, but it is precisely this atypical side that has won over Hermès aficionados. The Airplane bag designed by Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton in 2021 could have been in the same playroom as the Kelly Doll. This model indeed combines all the attributes of an airplane (wings, engines, nose), which certainly makes it an impractical bag to carry, but which will undoubtedly remain among the most amazing pieces ever created! If this handbag interests you, be aware that it costs more than some full-size planes... Finally, if it were necessary to designate the champion of all categories of originality, Chanel would certainly win hands down. If we love the elegant and wise look of some sacs Chanel vintage, we just as much love the madness of rare pieces that have dotted the House's collections in recent decades. Sac Lego, Camera and Perfume Bottle clutches, Seashell mini bag, Bouée and Fusée pouches: the Chanel universe is whimsical, sometimes crazy, but always chic! sacs de luxe de seconde main vintage
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