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Dating a luxury bag: tips

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Want to know when your loved ones were born so you can spoil them on that special day? At Vintega, we like to know the date of manufacture of luxury bag to offer him all the honors he deserves and to take care of him in the best possible way! If you're wondering how to go about dating your Louis Vuitton handbag or Chanel, here are some keys to help you.
Why knowing how to date a luxury bag is important
Just like certain grand crus in oenology, certain luxury bags are more highly rated than others depending on their year of launch. Whether because it is a iconic model or because he comes from a limited edition collection, the date a bag was made has an influence on its value. It is therefore important to know how to date a bag both if you are looking to buy a specific model, but also if you plan to sell a handbag from which we want to separate.
Dating a luxury bag by its serial number
If you want to know the production date of your luxury bag, the task will be easier if it is a sac Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent or Dior. These great French Maisons indicate the year of manufacture of a bag in the serial number printed on the lining of the bag or engraved on a leather tab.  At the house of Louis Vuitton like at Dior, it is on the second and fourth digit of serial number that must be relied upon to determine the date. For example, if the serial number is "FL0164 we can deduce that the handbag was produced in 2014. THE sacs Louis Vuitton vintage dating from before 1980 do not bear a date code, so they will have to be dated based on model, pattern or other details. On the side of Saint Laurent, we take this same serial number (often a little longer) and we only keep the last two, which indicate the date of manufacture. Moreover, the Maison Yves Saint Laurent only became "Saint Laurent" when Hedi Slimane took over as artistic director: if the full name appears on your second hand YSL bag, so it was made before 2012 !
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Example: Diorling bag from Maison Dior dating from 2013.
Numbers and letters... and symbols
When it comes to dating a Hermès bag or one sac Chanel vintage, things get a bit more complicated. These two Houses use a complex system based on numbers, letters and even symbols that correspond to a specific year. Hermès, for its part, has opted for a system combining letters and symbols: it makes it possible to decipher the year of production of a bag. The tab or the date stamp » of a Hermès bag always displays a single letter, surrounded or not by a symbol. The reading grid is relatively simple: 
  • from 1945 to 1970, the bags are marked with a letter without a symbol, starting with the A in 1945, then in alphabetical order.
  • From 1971 to 1996, this letter is surrounded by a circle (again, we start with the A in 1971).
  • From 1997 to 2014, the letters go from A to R and are surrounded by a square.
  • Finally, since 2014, the letters are again without symbols, but follow an order that requires a little moreexpertise in leather goods.
hermès sac luxe vintage seconde main
Example: Birkin bag from Maison Hermès dating from 2013.


Determine the year of production of a Chanel bag also requires some reading keys. First, find the serial number displayed on a hologram placed inside the bag. If this number contains 6 digits, is that the accessory was produced in the early 80s. 7 digits indicates that your bag was manufactured between 1986 and 2005, the first number giving more indication of the exact year. Finally, the serial numbers to 8 digits correspond to sacs Chanel made after 2005, with the first two digits changing every two to three years (an 8-digit code starting with 10 for 2005 to 2006, an 8-digit code starting with 11 for 2006 to 2008, and so on). Our experts can help you decipher the serial numbers of hermes bags and Chanel with precision, do not hesitate to call on them via our Contact form !
The other tips
Is your bag from another major Leather Goods House or does it not match any of the explanations provided in this article? It is unfortunately not possible to determine its year of production from an established code, but a few details can help you find the period in which it was manufactured. By studying the logos and patterns that adorn your luxury bag, you can sometimes get an idea of ​​its date of origin. This is for example the case with the Louis Vuitton bags in monogram canvas multicolored, which began to be produced in 2003 and whose production stopped in 2015. Another clue: the buckles of certain handbags have often evolved over the years and artistic directors. At Gucci, Chanel or Céline, observing the clasp of your bag and doing some related research can, for example, give you some indications.
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If numbers aren't really your cup of tea, rely on Vintega! We take care of date your bag when possible and to evaluate it so that you can resell it with ease. On our online store, the production date of handbags for sale is indicated when it is known. In either case, our experts have more than one string to their bow to authenticate a bag and determine its value!