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Famous collaborations: when luxury leather goods combine with the greatest

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Alone we go faster, together we go further: the famous proverb also applies to the world of luxury leather goods ! From crazy associations to the most fruitful partnerships, collaborations between Haute Couture Houses have over the decades given rise to iconic handbags and highly rated limited edition models. Back to some of the most famous collaborations in the history of leather goods.
Red Carpet Collaborations
It's a fact: Hollywood and luxury go hand in hand. Since the 1950s and the emergence of the first cinema superstars, designers have been competing in creativity to dress actresses and singers on the red carpet and to offer them their most beautiful hand bags. It is therefore not surprising that this association eventually gave rise to collaborations between stars and Haute Couture Houses ! The most legendary of all, the one that the whole world knows, is the collaboration between Jane Birkin and Hermes to create the sac Birkin. If a lot of bags have celebrity names, like the Jackie from Gucci where the Kelly d’Hermès, few were actually imagined by these stars themselves. Jane Birkin, for her part, did design the iconic Hermès trapeze bag, and a little over 40 years later, we can say that she was well inspired to do so! More recently, the collaboration between Chanel et Pharrell Williams has also been a great success with aficionados of luxury bags. The mini collection imagined by the singer in 2019, which included shoulder bags and very trendy fanny packs, brought a streetwear wind to the pieces of the Parisian House. Finally, let's mention the very colorful collaboration of Fendi with Nicki Minaj, which seemed obvious given their shared love for sequins, fur and fantasy in general – and these are not the incredible candy pink bags imagined by the singer who will contradict us!  sac seconde main vintage luxe
Luxury and know-how
If the collaborations of luxury houses have taken a very glamorous turn, other more confidential partnerships have greatly contributed (and continue to participate) in the success of Haute Couture collections. This is particularly the case of collaborations of the major Maisons with craftsmen renowned, such as that ofHermès with Maison Lemarié, a specialist in featherwork and the manufacture of fabric flowers. The latter regularly brings its know-how to the big names in Haute Couture, and in


, she participated in the creation of several
sacs Kelly adorned with feathers. One of these striking and extremely rare models sold for several hundred thousand euros in 2022 ! The couturiers of Chanel regularly associate their nimble fingers with know-how of Maison Lesage, specialist in weaving and embroidery for more than 150 years. It is notably from the Lesage workshops that the famous tweed used by Chanel on his iconic handbags. A solid collaboration that highlights the refinement and virtuosity of French craftsmanship for several decades.

sac de luxe de seconde main vintage

When art meets leather goods
Matching beauty with beauty, or when art meets luxury leather goods: there are many ways to describe the collaborations between artists and Haute Couture Houses, but the examples will tell more! On the side of Dior, the love of art is undeniable, as evidenced by the project Dior Lady Art. Halfway between brilliant marketing and an ode to creativity, he has since given 2016 the possibility for artists to revisiting the iconic Lady Dior. Hologram effect, constellation of goldsmith pieces, a nod to the automobile or exotic symbols: the pieces thus created are sometimes sold in pop-up stores all over the world. Did you say "limited edition"? The Maison Dior is not at its first attempt, since the collaboration with the German artist Anselm Reyle in 2011 had already made it possible to give a hell of a boost to the great classics: metallic bags camouflage print accessories, not to mention the neon stitching on the Lady Dior, the models in the collection are still highly sought after. Finally, it is impossible not to mention the Queen House of artistic collaborations, the one whose capsule collections are as successful as the legendary models: the Maison Louis Vuitton. The launch of the polka dot collection Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama at the beginning of the year 2023 gives us the opportunity to discuss the brand's most successful partnerships. We can mention in particular the Stephen Sprouse graffiti, the unusual red color of the collaboration with Supreme or even the works of Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Monet reinterpreted by Jeff Koons. But one of the greatest successes of the French House will undoubtedly remain its very fruitful partnership with Takashi Murakami : most of the patterns and series imagined with the Japanese artist are now part of Louis Vuitton's DNA, like its multicolored monogram bags or its Cherry Blossom print clutches. To offer you one of these famous sacs vintage Louis Vuitton, visit Vintega's online store! sac seconde main vintage luxe
Explosive collaborations

While some collaborations with major leather goods houses have gone unnoticed, others have caused a stir. And for good reason: some world-renowned brands have decided to join forces for a season! Among these explosive collaborations, it is difficult to miss the Gucci collection with Adidas : very sportswear shoulder bags with travel bags sporting the logo Adidas and the Gucci monogram, the capsule will undoubtedly go down in history. As for the association of Fendi and Versace, we can say that she made sparks! Taking up the codes of the two historic Italian Houses, the Fendace collection has won the bet of offering handbags with a unique identity and double, but always imbued with the insolence specific to these two pillars of fashion.


And you, what is your favorite collaboration from the world of leather goods? If you lack inspiration, do not hesitate to take a look at our shop of second hand bags for a little help!